Marx Marx of Galveston, Texas
1836 - 1909

Pioneer of Texas in Galveston

Impressive Quotes from 1909

"As a business man he was widely known and enjoyed a high reputation for honesty, integrity and fair dealing." - Galveston Tribune, Thursday June 24, 1909, Page 8

"M. Marx was an honored and respected citizen of Galveston, an indulgent father and devoted husband. He was one of the most considerate and obliging men, a man of generous impulses and very charitably inclines. His disposition was a happy one and his friends legion."

"That Mr. Marx during his long and active life acquired considerable wealth is not to be marveled at. Most men of his sort would have accumulated a larger fortune, but this man did not forget the better things of life in the pursuit of wealth, for his heart was very tender to the calls of charity, although his beneficence's were seldom known beyond a very limited circle. "

"By his own individuality Mr. Marx made his impression upon whatever circle he moved and made for himself a place where business acumen and diligent application were the essentials for success..."Marks Marx helped build the city of Galveston, Texas during his 41 years there, from 1868, until his death on June 24, 1909."

"While in Utah Mr. Marx won the personal friendship of the great Mormon leader Brigham Young, who referring to Mr. Marx's broad round face and genial disposition, nicknamed him Bishop Marx, and ever since his friends have addressed his "Bishop"."

Marx Bond named After Marx Marx

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M. Marx Business Accomplishments (1868 - 1909)

From 1868 to 1871 he was associated with Sampson Heidenheimer in the grocery business. From 1871 to 1886 he was in partnership with Mr. H. Kempner under the firm name of Marx & Kempner, which firm carried on a very extensive wholesale grocery business. For a time mr. Marx was located at Abilene and engaged in the flour milling business. He returned to Galveston and in 1890 the firm of Marx & Blum, wholesale dealers in boot, shoes and hats, as formed. Marx & Blum sold out to the Galveston Shoe and Hat company in 1898, when Mr. Marx practically retired from active commercial business. Mr. Marx was president of the Acme Red River and Northern Railway company, a short line road operating from the cement mills in Hardman county; president of the Algoa Townsite company, and vice president of the Leon & H. Blum Land company. He was a man of considerable wealth, being the owner of the Trust building, the Goujous building and the Nat N. Jacob building, three modern structures, and other property in this city, as well as property in different sections of the state. Mr. marx was appointed by Gov. Campbell as a member of the board of regents of the University of Texas, but after two years' service retired on account of ill health. He has been a director in many local enterprises, banks, railroads, loan and trust companies. He was most active in all matters appertaining to the general welfare of Galveston, and at this time was a member of the Cotton Exchange, Chamber of Commerce, Business League, Aziola club, Harmony Club, and Garten Verien, a member of the Masonic fraternity and the Order of Elks.

"Mr. Marx was survived by his wife, three married daughters, Mrs. Nat N. Jacob, Mrs. Samuel Frenkel and Mrs. Abe Blum; also four grandchildren - Miss Eleanor Jacob, John Frenkel and Jack and Leon Marx Blum - and a brother Mr. Louis Marx of Hoston, and brothers-in-laws M. Burgower of this city and Joseph Nussbaum of Mexia, Texas."


The Great Pioneers of Texas (hard to find book has 2 page information about Marx Marx)

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